The Secgtion of Statistics was established in 1973 when the Department of Mathematical Statistics, existing since 1952, changed its name to the Department of Mathematical Applications. The first director of the Department was Prof. Dr. Wiktor Oktaba, who headed it continuously until his retirement in 1990. The next director of the Department was Prof. Dr. Edward Niedokos, who held the position until his retirement age. Since September 2003, the position of Head of the Department has been held by Prof. Zofia Hanusz, PhD.


The staff of the Section give lectures and exercises in Mathematical Statistics at the Faculty of Production Engineering, Agrobioengineering and at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Moreover, lectures and exercises in Mathematics are conducted by the Institute staff at the Faculty of Animal Biology and Breeding, Faculty of Agrobioengineering, Faculty of Horticulture, Food Science and Biotechnology, Faculty of Production Engineering, as well as classes in Information Technology at various faculties of our University. The staff of the department teach agricultural experimentation at doctoral studies at the Faculty of Production Engineering, Animal Biology and Breeding, Veterinary Medicine, and Agrophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


The Section conducts research closely related to the application of methods of mathematical statistics in the life sciences. The choice of research topics is influenced by the contacts of the staff of the department with practitioners and consultations conducted for them. These are problems concerning the application of analysis of variance, theory of linear models, Gauss-Markov and Zyskind-Martin models, multivariate linear models, analysis of biological experiments, prediction of missing observations, modelling of technological processes, estimation of variance components and heritability coefficients, and application of limit theorems for estimation of unknown parameters of random variables distributions. The results of their research are presented at seminars held at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, as well as at national and international conferences. The staff of the department cooperate with researchers from other departments of our University, which results in many joint publications combining the theory of mathematical statistics with experimental practice