The Section of Computer Science is an integral part of the UP Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Applications. Its teaching tasks focus on teaching the subject of Information Technology at all Faculties of UP. In addition, they include subjects such as:

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Programming in C++ language
  • Programming in Visual Basic.Net
  • Algorithms and numerical methods
  • Computer networks and network applications;
  • Programming and utility programs;
  • Application software packages
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer science and information systems
  • Databases


The main research directions of the Section's staff include:

  • Automatic indexing of music databases
  • Implementation of add-ons for statistical data analysis software
  • Repeated measures
  • Multivariate analyses with special emphasis on discriminant and factor analysis
  • Computer simulation of agricultural machinery
  • Stochastic differential equations
  • Computer modelling of bioelectromagnetic structures
  • Hyperthermia;
  • Remote learning systems - methodology and technologies.

In addition, at the Section, there is a Student Scientific Circle of Computer Science, where students can develop their interests around issues such as:

I. Network technologies

  • object-oriented programming with special emphasis on network applications in PHP and ASP.NET technologies
  • databases - administration and programming
  • CMS systems (e.g. Joomla, Wordpress)
  • security aspects of web applications
  • practical applications of web technologies (e.g. AJAX, XML)

II. Engineering applications of computer science

  • algorithms for vector and raster graphics processing
  • numerical methods (finite element method, finite difference method in the time domain)
  • object-oriented programming based on open source libraries

III. Data analysis systems

  • statistical software
  • free data analysis systems (e.g. R, Python, Octave)