The Section of Mathematics was established in 1973. In the years 1973-1990 it was headed by Associate Professor Edward Niedokos, and in the period 1990-2000 by Professor Czesław Stępniak. Since 2000, the Department has functioned as the Mathematics Laboratory - initially directed by Prof. Stępniak, and subsequently by Dr. Marek Niezgoda. Since 2008, the name Department of Mathematics has been restored, and Dr Andrzej Kornacki has been appointed its head. Since 1 September 2021, the head of the Department has been Agnieszka Kubik-Komar, PhD, Professor of the University.


In the didactic area the Department staff teach full-time and part-time courses at all faculties and part-time studies at all faculties of the University of Life Sciences. The following subjects are taught as part of the lectures and exercises conducted:

  • mathematics
  • mathematics with elements of statistics
  • information technology
  • biostatistics and documentation methods
  • mathematical statistics


The Department of Mathematics conducts scientific research in the field of:

  • linear algebra (theory of inequalities and ordered spaces)
  • multivariate methods of statistical data analysis (cluster analysis and principal components)
  • mathematical modelling of agricultural engineering processes
  • verification of mathematical models of processes
  • statistical inference in linear models of one and many variables

The scientific achievements of the Department staff include:

  • general properties of isotonic functions
  • characterization of cones of isotonic functions in functional Banach spaces and their dual cones
  • description of stochastic orders as conic orders
  • derivation of necessary and sufficient conditions for S-convexity of weakly differentiable functions
  • a generalization of the classical Steffenson-Chebyshev inequalities
  • a derivation of analytic characterization of Eaton semi-orderings for effective and irreducible groups
  • unification of the classical majorization inequalities
  • providing a characterization of G-double operators